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25 December, 2019

Understanding Government Relations and Document Clearance in UAE

While starting your business in Dubai, you may have heard a common phrase “PRO Services” or “Document Clearance Services”, whether in mainland or free zones. What exactly is this service all about? And more importantly, why is it so critical in the UAE? To put it simply, it is a set of services that would help you with processing important documents with all concerned ‎government authorities during the company incorporation procedure. A Government Liaison Officer, known as a Public Relations Officer or PRO will be your support during this challenging and time-consuming process to clear your paperwork and procedures with government entities. ‎

What are some of the common PRO services?
Some of the most common activities that encompass document clearance services are:
• Visa processing – Partner / Employee / Dependents
• Labor and Immigration Card processing
• Temporary and Part-time work permit processing
• Labor Quota applications
• Medical test processing
• Emirates ID Card processing
• Trade License related transactions
• Notarization of legal documents
• Translation and attestation of important documents
• External Government department approvals
• Regulatory approvals and NOC letters
• Commercial P.O. Box
• Document tracking and expiry notification
• Document storage and archiving services
Depending on the nature and jurisdiction of the business you operate, the scope of services may vary, but primary activities would involve the services listed above.

Why do I need these services for my company?
The first reason would be – what would be the cost to your business if you are to spend time and involve yourselves in processing all the documents related to your employees and business? Clearly, handing this responsibility to an experienced service provider would be the smarter way to manage this.

It is also important to consider the adroitness required to handle the authorities on a frequent basis. While available information on all Government portals is mostly updated, brace yourself for sudden changes in processes (such as moving to an online method or obtaining an additional document to carry out the same transaction). While this may cause a change in plan or unwanted anxiety to you, an expert service provider, who deals with Government authorities every day, is more likely to get firsthand information on such updates and changes. Naturally, such a provider is better equipped to manage such processes.

The other important aspect is to bear in mind that any delay or non-compliance would lead to commensurate fines or penalties levied on transactions. For instance, did you know that there is no grace period for renewing your trade license if issued from Abu Dhabi? Ensuring that the processes are dealt with correctly and in a timely manner reduces the risk of any unnecessary fines or similar detrimental consequences for the business.

The most important factor would be the expertise of the PRO service provider. A PRO service provider who manages these transactions on a daily basis for a multitude of companies with diverse jurisdictions and requirements can be entrusted to carry out your company document transactions with no hassles for you.

Why CBS PRO Services?
Our PRO service expertise lies in managing a wide range of legal documentation, through our multilingual team well versed in Government processes and document clearance. The team will help you skip your queues at government offices and focus on your business while we handle the authorities and the required paperwork on your behalf.

For an ultimate customer service experience, we appoint a dedicated Client Relations Officer (CRO) to act as a point of contact for your inquiries and ongoing discussions. Moreover, we offer you a portal through our advanced CRM system to enable you to log jobs through self-service and track the status.

Contact us to know more about how to engage with us for managing your PRO Services in Dubai and Government relations requirements.

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  1. seethalakshmi says:

    Really a great share, This article is useful to know about some of the common PRO services in Dubai such as visa processing, labor and immigration card processing etc.

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