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28 January, 2020

UAE Government Rule Update – Sponsoring a Housemaid

The UAE Government has recently updated the regulations governing the appointment of a housemaid under the Tadbeer centers of MOHRE.

Until the rule change, residents with income as low as AED 6,000 were permitted to appoint a housemaid. With the new rule, a minimum family income of AED 25,000 is now required to obtain Government approval to sponsor a housemaid.

The move is expected to render several families without the required childcare support. This is especially attributed to early timings of school closure, and the lack of part-time employment options for the salaried class.

The MOHRE, on exceptional and humanitarian grounds, may allow single mothers to sponsor a housemaid. But there is no official guarantee on the success of such applications, which lie purely at the discretion of MOHRE.

While existing housemaid contracts will not require the sponsor salary proof during renewal time, the rule becomes applicable only when a new housemaid appointment is to be done.

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