Steps for Finding Corporate Sponsors for Your Next Fundraising Event

Want to get an edge in the financial success of your fundraising event? We have found the perfect solution. The best approach to significantly increase the financial success of your fundraising event is to secure corporate sponsors.

The more sponsors you have, the more money you’ll make, that is really all there is to it. Additionally, when you advertise your event, you’ll become more credible because the brands that support you lend credibility. Having sponsors makes the difference between a successful event and one that far exceeds your expectations.

Steps for Finding Corporate Sponsors for Your Next Fundraising Event are as follows-


corporate sponsership

  • Always find a champion within the organization:

For Event Organization you need a representative for your request who works for the company you wish to approach. They will be aware of the decision-making process, the decision-making schedule, and how to guide your sponsor request through it. Whether or not you receive sponsorship depends entirely on this person.


  • Recognize your customer:

Every company has different goals for sponsoring. They might be interested in promoting certain causes or using sponsorships to reach their target market. Perhaps they seek exclusivity. Giving them what they want is made simpler the more you comprehend what they desire.


  • Be specific in your requests:

There is a distinction between requesting a grant and a sponsorship. Usually, the objectives and sources of these two funding approaches are distinct. Typically, foundations don’t provide financial support for event sponsorship. Instead, they favour using grants to finance initiatives or programs. Sponsorships are typically funded by marketing budgets and aren’t acts of altruism because they’re intended to promote the company and its brand, ultimately boosting customer revenue.


  • Begin early:

Some businesses require a lot of advance notice to obtain clearance or fit it into their budget. That means that depending on the procedure for a specific organization, you would need to ask as much as a year in advance.


  • Consider benefits in new ways:

Your ability to come up with something that will satisfy your prospect’s needs will increase as you gain a better understanding of what they desire.


  • Know your numbers:

Understanding numbers, Prepare a few critical statistics on the number of impressions your sponsor will receive through your event, event advertising, website, etc. Better yet, if you can estimate their monetary value.


  • Acquire media sponsors:

Ask your neighborhood’s radio, TV, and newspaper stations to promote your event as media partners. In essence, you are asking them to advertise the event for free to their audience. As soon as you can, ask your media sponsors to share their promotion strategy. They ought to be able to tell you when, how frequently, and how much an advertiser would charge for similar places.




The overall amount of money raised by your fundraising event can be swiftly increased by adding sponsors. Your chances of success significantly rise when you strategically select sponsor prospects based on the relationships you have. Not every organization makes an excellent sponsor prospect.


Prepare your materials and target potential donors who have a connection to your non-profit or want to support your cause. If you provide them with a terrific experience this year, they’ll continue to sponsor. All those sponsorship funds boost your net fundraising event results, enabling you to impact more people. And for that, we are here.




Frequently Asked Questions


Q.What are the Benefits of Corporate Sponsorships

Both businesses and NGOs profit from corporate sponsorships.

Particularly for nonprofits, these advantages include:

a. Greater understanding of their cause

b. A strategy for gaining new supporters

c. Strategy to increase the credibility of your business


Q. How to ask for a corporate sponsorship

a. Decide what you need.

B. List the services you can provide. a

c. Publish a one-pager

d. Make a prospect list.

e. If at all feasible, try to contact that person.


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