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10 January, 2022

7 Benefits of shared offices for startups in the UAE

UAE is one of the biggest entrepreneurial hubs in the world as they have the potential to provide a growing, healthy environment. Be it entrepreneurs, freelancers, SMEs and startups in the UAE. In the ‘gig economy’ change is the only constant and we all need to adapt.

The days are gone where having well-established offices are a priority because we are advancing and so are offices. Shared offices are one of those ideas which can fit in with today’s working needs and requirements. And it is one of the best ways for startups, freelancers, and SMEs to begin their businesses.

Shared offices are a practice where various businesses share commercially leased offices and work within the same environment. This must sound cool because we can see, know people from various disciples and can have access to their ideas, their work, and much more. This working environment provides a space for healthy competition, connections, and like-minded people.

There are numerous benefits of shared offices for startups in the UAE. This will help you to understand coworking space better and to take the right decision for your start-up.

The 7 Benefits of shared offices for startups in UAE:

Low cost of operations

Low cost of operation and cost-cutting are important elements for startups. A coworking space in Dubai can provide all the necessities for a business at a lower cost. And that’s a win-win situation. If you have a startup or planning to start soon then don’t forget to check for shared offices as a better and cost-friendly solution.

Coworking space provide great networking opportunities

Imagine if you have access to many businesses, people from different disciples in one place then how many possibilities it can open? As a startup, networking is an important segment to grow your business, and shared office space can fulfill them. You can have access to the functioning of other industries, and eventually get a few of them as clients. The networking opportunities will bring a boost to your business and help it in running smoothly.

Shared offices have higher productivity

Productivity is key to growth. A healthy working environment impacts our work a lot. Shared office space in Dubai will help in having two or more businesses working together. More people, more productivity and overall structure ensures creativity & positive vibes.

Flexible and comfortable

The shared offices provide higher flexibility and provide a flexible agreement to scale up at your own pace. That’s why it is chosen by startups in the UAE. There are no strict rules and have a very accommodating environment for offices.

A flexible and comfortable environment

Coworking spaces provide 24×7 Services

Shared offices generally give facilitation of 24*7. So, you can be ahead of time, enjoy the same services on weekends, and can discuss work easily. Also, there are many people around you so it will provide a sense of comfort, and community. The coworking space in Dubai builds a space for like-minded people to know each other, learn through businesses and have conversations with like-minded people.

Structured day

Work from home has proved to be fruitful for many. But most of us do miss office friends, talks and team creativity. Shared offices not only gives flexibility but also makes our day structured. Doing the job from the office guarantees a better routine which is  necessary to keep you going.


Structured day for a better routine

Fig: Structured day for a better routine

Structured day for a better routine

Coworking space prevents workplace loneliness

Various startups, small businesses are a small team working together and in the long run, you may feel lonely working isolated. But shared offices can prevent this loneliness and can provide a healthy environment at the workplace.

Having many people around not only motivates you to work effectively, but also provides a sense of togetherness, and community. You can make connections with like-minded people and make your workplace better, energetic, and healthy.

What are your thoughts about working in a shared space? If you are looking for any corporate consultancy services in Dubai, visit The Corporate Group.

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