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22 April, 2020

Top 4 Services you need after getting your Trade License

Businesses in Dubai always look for the most effective solutions across different services. Right from idea stage, to getting a business plan done, to obtaining proof of concept, to getting your business set up – all of this involves a lot of time and effort from the business owners.

Once the trade license is obtained, it becomes imperative to stop focusing on the idea and start involving more on the business and operations. After all, once your idea becomes operational, it has already been put into action.

So what should be the top four services to look for, after your business setup and getting your trade license?

1. Accounting Services

For any business, it becomes critical to get your bank account opened, to set your business and financial transactions into motion. But once your transactions start happening, and the money starts to come in, each of those transactions has associated paperwork, both at your end as well as the end of your supplier or customer. Naturally, the volume of transactions and the technical classification of such transactions become critical when you as a business owner wish to take a look at things. Also, the UAE requires compliance in the form of VAT registration and booking, or compliance in the form of economic substance to ensure that all your profits are made only as per relevant activities within the UAE. All of this means that an expert accounting services provider should be the one you engage with.

Expert accounting services companies not only provide all of the services along with consultancy/advice, but they also obtain a very affordable retainer fee, which sometimes makes it cost-effective to hire a service provider instead of a full-time resource.

2. Digital Marketing

As much as business development and networking remain critical to the growth of your business, it is also important to maintain a digital presence and remain active online. Whether it be your corporate website, your content on webpages, your social media handles, or Google search results – it becomes extremely important to ensure that you have your entire online ecosystem in optimum. Your online presence and activity are also vital to sourcing lead for your business, and it becomes critical to engage with the right digital marketing experts who guide you through this process.

3. Legal & Advisory Services

Once your business gains a little bit of traction, it also becomes essential to cover certain fundamental aspects of the legality. For instance, your intellectual property, trademark, or your business continuity need to be well thought out and executed as per the right guidelines and preferences. Legal support is required in business-critical implications. Advisory support is something that businesses can always lean on – such as which markets to target, how to organically grow business profits, which tenders to apply for, or even which products to focus on. Market research and feasibility studies help obtain the much-needed wisdom in key decisions periodically.

4. HR Consultancy

Once your business turns scalable and you start hiring employees of varied profiles, it becomes essential to process the payroll, and also focus on the developmental aspects. Moreover, their career paths need to be well documented and communicated along with providing resources for their training and skill development. It, therefore, becomes necessary to have a comprehensive human resource management strategy and execution mechanism. While many companies may implement this in-house, there are many expert service providers who perform the entire spectrum of human resource processes through outsourced delivery for their clients.

Whatever be the nature or scale of your business, it is extremely critical to maintain the continuity and the strategic execution of all aspects. Where the internal resources may help in coordination or execution, sometimes expert advice (especially in the early stages of your business) could help a little go a long way.

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