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6 May, 2021

5 Reasons Why Co-Working Spaces in Dubai Are Perfect For Entrepreneurs

What Is This Buzz Around Co-Working Spaces In Dubai?

The real reason why there is a demand for co-working spaces in Dubai is actually interesting. Businessmen and entrepreneurs are slowly shifting their preferences to co-working spaces in Dubai.  So why exactly are co-working spaces in Dubai perfect for entrepreneurs?

Reason #1: It Meets The Requirement For Business Setup In Dubai

Business Setup In Dubai Is A Milestone

In our earlier blog column, we had highlighted the importance of a business setup in Dubai, and how critical it is for businessmen to follow the right process and get the best. After all, the smarter you are, the better your business returns.

Business Setup In DubaiThe process of business setup in Dubai can be very smooth, or quite daunting, depending on the nature of the business that you carry out. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that the process of business setup in Dubai actually requires a guide, and there are corporate consultancy companies to carry out the activity.

So What’s The Connection Between Business Setup In Dubai And Co-Working Spaces In Dubai?

The Answer Is Quite Simple. Shared office spaces in Dubai are increasingly finding support due to their ability to provide the much-needed address for a trade license. In order to effectively complete the business setup in Dubai, there is a requirement for hosting your license in an office space or a simple co-working space. The office space can either be a full-fledged setup or it can be a shared office space in Dubai. In our earlier blog column, we have highlighted the difference between a shared office space in Dubai and a full-fledged office.

In other words,

  • Co-working spaces in Dubai help satisfy the regulatory need for an office address.
  • Shared office spaces in Dubai help give your business a physical location or address. 

Reason #2: Shared Offices In Dubai Are A Paradise For Networking

Every businessman will look for turbo-charging boosters to take their business to the next level. Many businesses spend quite a lot in business development after they complete their business setup in Dubai. One of the advantages of shared offices in Dubai is the ability to act as a catalyst in networking. Nearly 55% of respondents in a survey conducted by Clutch, USA said that networking with other businessmen and entrepreneurs is important to them.

With co-working spaces in Dubai:

  • You are actually sharing the office space with other like-minded entrepreneurs;
  • You may find a perfect fit with other businesses;
  • Your next vendor/supplier or your customer may be sitting right beside you;
  • You can get to know about best practices;

These advantages provide a strong impetus for businesses. The ability for a small business or startup to capitalize on its business setup in Dubai is quite limited; therefore the leverage provided by networking or business development is multi-fold.

Reason #3: Co-Working Spaces In Dubai Provide Great Amenities

Almost all the co-working spaces in Dubai come with some outstanding benefits. While many of the shared office spaces in Dubai provide limited refreshments, there are some like Corporate Business Hub that provides a multitude of amenities.

Some of the amenities are:

  • Access to meeting rooms and conference rooms
  • Ability to interact / network with other like-minded entrepreneurs
  • Well maintained, hygienic, and modern interiors
  • Comfortable chairs
  • High-speed Internet connection
  • No DEWA bills
  • Unlimited coffee/tea

These amenities may not sound like much, but when you look at the return on investment for a co-working space in Dubai, it works out to be a very strong benefit. After all, getting more for less is what businessmen like to see, and shared office space in Dubai gives you just that. This was reinforced in a study of over 500 people conducted by Clutch, USA.

Reason #4: Shared Office Spaces In Dubai Provide Front Desk Services

When you avail any of the shared office spaces in Dubai, you not only get access to a work desk, or to the amenities. In fact, you end up getting an identity for your business setup in Dubai. Some of the top co-working spaces in Dubai like Corporate Business Hub provide you with efficient front desk services. These services are included in the package fees that you pay for the co-working space in Dubai.

Ability to have someone answer your calls YES
Someone can receive any couriers/food deliveries/packages for you YES
You can give the address of the co-working space in Dubai as your own YES
Your business can promote its location as that of the co-working space in Dubai YES

Reason #5: Co-Working Spaces In Dubai Help Boost Productivity

Arguably the biggest benefit realized by entrepreneurs is the increase in efficiency, throughput, and productivity. Yes, you heard that right. When you work with other businessmen around you, or you see a Bootcamp happening right where your office is, you get inspired.

Co-Working Spaces In DubaiThis inspiration translates into a strong drive for better throughput and higher productivity.

  • Between 75 – 90% of co-workers like the personal connection shown in a co-working space in Dubai
  • High productivity equipment like printers, faxes, and the internet is available at your disposal
  • Co-working spaces lead to a higher sense of satisfaction as compared to working from home
  • The shared office spaces in Dubai leads to a higher sense of meaning for the jobs

The above points were published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health.

Why Co-Working Spaces In Dubai?

In short, the shared office spaces in Dubai help you bolster productivity, network with like-minded entrepreneurs, and also get the best out of your business setup in Dubai.

To know more, do reach us for a free consultation.

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