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4 May, 2020

4 PRO Services that add Value to your Business

One of the most challenging aspects of running a business, and to turn it profitable, is to ensure that the right services are selected, and the right people are entrusted with it. More specifically, if the services are to be outsourced, then the right service mix and vendors will add tremendous value to your business if correctly handled.

Ok, now you have obtained your trade license and are looking for PRO services for your business. What should be the starting point?

What are PRO Services?

PRO Services, also referred to as services provided by Public Relations Officers, typically encompass the document clearance and paperwork associated with various services and mandatory approvals to be secured from Government bodies. This includes your company trade license, your employees’ visas, external approvals for the business, and so on. For more details, do read our earlier column here.

The key reason that businesses employ a PRO service provider is for ease of time and effort since the PRO service provider would cover the paperwork while you focus on your business.

So, when a PRO services provider signs an ongoing contract with you, what are the top services that you are signing up for?

1. Trade License Transactions

The most important document for your business is the trade license. The trade license requires an annual renewal to be done, as per the Government rules. However, should you need any transaction done on the trade license, such as adding a business activity, amending any structural aspect, modifying your business location, or even adding/removing a manager – these transactions require an amendment to be done on your license and then a modified trade license be issued. Such operations are best handled by the PRO service provider, who would be able to obtain necessary paperwork clearance at each stage, to obtain your final product for you.

2. Employment Visa Transactions

Each employee that you hire should necessarily have a Government-registered labor employment contract with you. While some may be on full-time employment, some may be on part-time employment. Some employees may also get their visas sponsored under work, while some may have their arrangements for residence. Whenever an employee’s salary or designation undergoes modification or if the employment is terminated, or if a new employee is hired – there is a commensurate transaction and paperwork involved with the MOHRE. These transactions are like bread-and-butter for the PRO service provider, who would smoothly complete them with minimal involvement by you.

3. Reduced Typing Fees

For every Government transaction, including those done online, there would be a requirement to get a form or a document typed out in alignment with the norms laid down by that authority. This means that the form should be typed efficiently for the specific Government transaction to be completed smoothly. Every transaction has a corresponding typing fee associated with it – so if you were to obtain a PRO service contract, these fees would show a significant reduction across multiple transactions.

4. Value Added Services

Apart from these necessary transactional costs that get covered, and the significant reduction in your time involvement, some other advantages of employing a PRO services contract do exist. For instance, if your company employee is to get a medical test done for the visa renewal, the logistics service would ensure a pickup and drop of your employee, thereby reducing transit time or cost. Another instance is where your business requires external Government approvals, which may need a proper Government relations officer to engage with and obtain all details to complete the necessary paperwork. This would be another advantage that is provided by a contractual engagement with a PRO service provider.

Whatever be your business, obtaining a PRO service contract remains advantageous – whether it be time, cost, Government process knowledge, or all of them. To get a PRO services contract, and add value to your business, do get in touch with us.

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