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8 March, 2022

Why Dubai is a popular second-home destination for expats

Dubai attracted more foreigners because of its excellent infrastructure, successful handling of the pandemic, and widespread visa and labour reforms.

Press Release:
• The UAE’s stable economy is one of the top reasons that attracts expats to Dubai as a second home.
• Low tax base, diversity, and excellent infrastructure are among the reasons that make Dubai appealing to expats.
• The latest reforms in the labour and visa sector have changed the game and have attracted more foreign workers.
• One of the reasons why foreigners are more interested is 100% ownership of a business.

The high-quality lifestyle and safe environment of Dubai have been instrumental in the city’s position as one of the top cities for expats. InterNations has conducted a survey in which more than 12,000 members participated.

The excellent infrastructure, successful strategy for dealing with the pandemic, and introduction of visa and labor reforms, has catapulted Dubai into becoming a popular destination for expats as a second home.

Another positive reason for this strong preference for residence in Dubai is the economic growth. Our previous articles have highlighted the economic resilience and recovery of Dubai from the pandemic situation, into leading the world today. As testimony to the strong efforts by the leaders, the emirate’s economy is expected to grow by 4.5% in 2022. As a major business hub in the Middle East, the emirate is also a popular destination for international organizations to establish their presence in the region.

Visa reforms, a game changer

Among the reasons accredited to the popularity of Dubai among expatriates are the low tax rate, safety, diversity, and impressive infrastructure. But the latest labour reforms and visa reforms have proven to be a game-changer as expats now have a great deal of flexibility when it comes to long-term work visas in the emirate.

Dubai has always been a favorite with people seeking a home away from their homeland, said Zoom Property CEO Ata Shobeiry, explaining how visa reforms are changing things in Dubai. The Emirate offers no permanent residency, so some people were hesitant to move there. Since the visa reforms were announced last year, things have been changing rapidly. People are now considering purchasing second homes in Dubai as a result of the availability of Golden and Silver visas, he said.

According to Shobeiry, foreigners are also increasingly interested in buying property or starting businesses in the emirate due to 100% ownership of the company. Expats now have the option of fully owning their Dubai companies, which has attracted more entrepreneurs with innovative business ideas. As a result, more employment opportunities have been created, which is attracting more foreigners seeking employment opportunities in the emirate,” Dr. Mohammed said.

Does the prospect of residing in Dubai interest you? Would you be willing to evaluate various avenues available for you to make Dubai your home, or second home?

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