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1 August, 2020

Which cities are best managing the post-COVID economy

Among major cities from around the world, Dubai ranks among the Top 5 cities when it comes to managing post-covid economy, as per FutureLearn.


The index was developed by online learning platform FutureLearn, based on comprehensive data collected across different parameters during both pre-Covid and post-Covid times from all major economies. The parameters cover a wide array of topics such as economics, Government policies, quality of life and gender equality.


In particular, Dubai was ranked very high on youth opportunities, healthcare spending, disposable income, and women in leadership roles. These parameters reflect the rising number of startups in the country, with economies turning into pivot mode for combating the crisis. The Government stimulus package of AED 256Billion adds more credence to the performance of Dubai. Unemployment rates have also been very low, in spite of few sectors being hit due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The overall impact on jobs is expected to be less than 12% of the total workforce in Dubai, which is very much in line with global job unemployment rates published by major cities.


Dubai health authorities have also managed the Covid-19 impact to such an extent that offices and public transport have resumed work with capacities matching pre-covid numbers. All of these reflect a strong positivity in the economy, indicating Dubai is well equipped to recover robustly. The cities ranked higher than Dubai were Singapore, Copenhagen, Helsinki and Oslo.

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