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31 March, 2021

UAE to Pilot Driverless Vehicles in Abu Dhabi

The UAE Government will pilot driverless vehicles in Abu Dhabi by end 2021, through providing free rides to the public and as a way of testing the technology.

The driverless technology sector proved its attractiveness when in early 2020, Mubadala Investments joined a consortium to invest more than @2.25 Billion in a self-driving technology.

The UAE Government is working towards a vision to make 25% of its transport autonomous by 2030. In this direction, the Government is taking serious steps and is making rapid strides. This is reflecting in the KPMG autonomous vehicles readiness index, in which UAE jumped one position and ended 2020 at a global ranking of #8.

The latest development in this space is the pilot testing of this technology in Abu Dhabi by 2021.

The pilot will be divided into two phases. The first one will involve launching 3 vehicles in Yas Island in pick-up and drop-off points for important locations such as offices, malls and restaurants. The second phase involves the launch of 10 more vehicles across multiple locations in Abu Dhabi.

The vehicles would operate from 8am to 8pm and would be free of charge as part of the testing phase. Every vehicle would also have a safety officer to step in, in the event of any sudden occurrence.

The trial operations are conducted by the Department of Municipality & Transport, in cooperation with Bayanat, a G42 company.

Source : albawaba

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