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28 February, 2021

UAE Residents Commit to Sustainability – Opportunities Aplenty

Boston Consulting Group (BCG) in its recent report has found overwhelmingly positive response by UAE to sustainability, in comparison to other countries.

The recent report by BCG, titled “Are consumers in the Gulf states ready to go green” provided extensive research into the mentality of residents within UAE and GCC.

At awareness level, 81% of UAE residents showed an awareness of climate change, which is much higher than all other countries. This indicates higher awareness among UAE, and also how climate change negatively affects the environment. 65% of those aware believe that it has negative effects on the global environment, and 36% believe climate change has an influence on our personal lives.

However, the flip side is also revealed in the survey, with residents expressing reservations about the challenges faced in sustainability. Lack of infrastructure, services and investments to accelerate the change in sustainability commitment are the most important challenges perceived by UAE residents.

Experts believe that the survey not only reinforces the openness and knowledge of UAE residents, but also reveals clear pointers for the Government and the private sector in terms of the direction for the future.

As one of the key digital transformations in the sustainability space, UAE has taken the lead in adoption of electrical vehicles (EVs). UAE has targeted 30% of its fleet to be electrified by 2030, and the city of Dubai has seen a 40% increase in its EV sales year on year.


Source: khaleejtimes

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