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29 December, 2020

UAE Ranked As Stand-Out Digital Economy

The Digital Intelligence Index has categorized UAE among the “stand-out” global economies with respect to digital aspects that span all realms of the economy.

The Fletcher School at Tufts University, in association with the Graduate School of Global Affairs at Tufts University and Mastercard, has recently released the “digital intelligence index”. The index traces the specific progress made by economies on aspects related to their digital economies, leading to higher trust and integrated connectivity.

The index involves 2 main scorecards – digital evolution and digital trust.

For digital evolution, over 95% of the world’s online population and nearly 12 years of empirical data were taken into consideration. Following this, 4 key pillars were identified upon which 90 global economies were scored. These pillars are demand conditions, institutional environment, supply conditions, and the capacity for innovation and change.

This led to the segmentation of the economies into 4 categories – stand-out economies, stall-out economies, break-out economies, and watch-out economies.

UAE was categorized under the stand-out segment, along with other economies such as Singapore, USA, Hong Kong, Germany, Malaysia, Lithuania, Taiwan, and others.

The other scorecard is for digital trust, which is scored on 4 pillars of behavior, attitudes, environment and experience. These pillars together account for a total of 198 different parameters upon which each of the 42 economies are rated.

UAE was mentioned as delivering advanced infrastructure, providing citizens with a near-seamless experience, broad access and unparalleled interaction. The good performance by UAE on the index was solidly backed by digital services being provided by the UAE Government, implementation of smart cities, developing clusters to provide entrepreneurship and the ability to apply digital developments to boost healthcare and education.


Source: Gulf Business

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