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31 March, 2021

UAE Ranked Among Top 20 Best Places to Work

The UAE has jumped 6 spots to secure Rank #13 as the most preferred destination for foreign nationals to work.

The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) along with conducted a global survey in 190 countries across over 290,000 foreign nationals. The survey captured the attractiveness of global destinations as preferred places for work.

Dubai obtained global rank #3 (up from #6 in 2018) while Abu Dhabi secured the global rank #5, same as 2018. Overall, the UAE improved its 2018 standing by one spot and obtained the #13 rank.

The experts behind the survey find the strong performance of UAE to be no surprise. The very strong and trustworthy response of UAE to the pandemic, and the post-pandemic efforts to put the country and the economy on a strong path to recovery were the main factors behind the strong improvement shown by UAE.

Experts added that UAE is now being considered a preferable alternative to many other global destinations.

In contrast, some other cities are no longer considered lucrative at all, while they were most sought after about 2 years ago. This is a reflection of the other cities’ responses to the covid pandemic, which was not perceived as very positive by the respondents.

Respondents specifically cited the Expo 2020 and the strong support by the Government and private sectors as the swing factors in ranking UAE as preferable destinations to work.

Source : arabianbusiness

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