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1 August, 2020

UAE Ranked 5 Globally in Business Skills

Coursera, the online learning platform developed by Stanford University professors, recently released the global skills index report, which ranked UAE at #5.


The report singles out UAE as a strong global leader in business talent, with emphasis on its rising growth in data science skills. The UAE ranks 1st in the Middle East and Africa and 5th globally in business skills like management, marketing and sales. In data science, which encompasses mathematics and statistics and underpins automation, the UAE ranked 4th in MEA and 50th globally.


The learning platform analyzed the course enrollment data on their portal to arrive at the conclusions. More specifically, over two-thirds of the courses enrolled were for business, technology and data science. While public health and well-being saw a spike in enrollments during the initial stages of the pandemic, it was the enrollment on other critical areas like business, technology and data science that were for the long-term.


The data was analyzed from over 65 million enrollments from more than 60 countries globally. The report comes at a time when UAE announced the first AI-dedicated University to be set up in January 2021 in Abu Dhabi.

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