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28 February, 2021

UAE Most Prepared for B2C e-Commerce in Region

UN has revealed in their latest report that the UAE is most prepared for B2C e-Commerce in the region.

According to Kearney Middle East, the e-Commerce industry is pegged at a valuation of $50 Billion (AED 183.5 Billion) by 2025. Over the next 5 years, experts believe that the most influential driver of retail in the region will be e-Commerce. It is this driver that helped the sector grow nearly 5 times, from $5 Billion in 2015 to $24 Billion in 2020.

Saudi Arabia and Qatar follow UAE as top e-Commerce ready countries within the region.

Globally, the UAE secured the rank #37 on this parameter, with the top position being held by Switzerland. Netherlands, Denmark, Singapore, UK, Germany, Finland, Ireland, Norway, and Hong Kong are the countries ranked in the Top 10 globally.

Experts believe that digital transformation will help narrow the gap between the current infrastructure, readiness and the implementation cycle in key countries.

Apart from the UAE, the regional countries include Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Turkey, Kuwait, Lebanon, Bahrain, Jordan and Iraq.

The UN releases its UNCTAD e-Commerce Index for every year and the report relates to the 2020 index performance in particular.

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