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1 November, 2020

UAE More Attractive than US, Europe: Investors

Globally, UAE is the most attractive region for investment, ahead of United States and Europe, according to a survey conducted by UBS Wealth Management.

The global investor sentiment study was conducted recently by UBS Wealth Management. Over 4,000 investors from 14 global markets were surveyed on their investment portfolio, preferred markets, recent events/happenings that are likely to influence investment and also their future outlook.

The survey showed that over 60% have expressed their portfolio to yield more returns over the next 6 months. Almost 30% of the investors also believe that the risk levels of their investment portfolio needs to be reduced.

The performance of UAE, and the associated sentiment of key UAE investors, are of keen interest. 87% of the UAE investors express that they are following the US elections and will accordingly be adjusting their investment portfolios prior to the election. Of the global counterparts, only 72% have expressed interest for portfolio adjustment.

In addition, 83% of investors consider UAE to be an attractive destination for investment opportunities, while only 68% were interested in US and 68% in Europe. This not only reinforces UAE as an attractor of FDI, but it also forges its place as a reliable and trustworthy market capable of driving the global economic growth.

In UAE, the investors were more inclined towards investment in 5G networks, hedge funds and solidifying a green recovery to the economy.

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