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29 June, 2020

UAE makes strong return to FDI Confidence Index

The UAE made a strong return into the Top 20, ranked at #19 in the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) confidence rankings for the year 2020.


The FDI Confidence Index rankings released by the global management consulting firm Kearney for the year 2020 saw the UAE perform positively on multiple parameters, leading to a strong position within the Top 20 for UAE. The last time UAE was in the FDI Confidence Index was in 2017, when it was ranked at # 21. The rankings show a marked improvement across key indicators for UAE.


The major performance drivers for the UAE have been the improvement in ease of doing business, the 100% FDI ownership in 13 key economic sectors, strong activity in technology and innovation, as well as other positive regulations announced by the UAE Government. Moreover, this fortifies the ability of UAE to overcome the challenges posed by the global pandemic.


With robust and responsible recovery on the economic front, including postponing the Dubai Expo to 2021, the UAE is only contributing positively to its perception in investors, according to key experts. Key trade agreements such as the Africa Continental Free Trade Area are other important economic arrangements that strengthen the future outlook on UAE.


UAE is one of only three emerging countries to be on the FDI Confidence Index, apart from China and Brazil.

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