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29 November, 2020

UAE Launches New Economic Advisory Council

The UAE Ministry of Economy announced the launch of an International Advisory Council on the New Economy, to help formulate economic development programs.

Abdullah bin Touq Al Marri, Cabinet Member and Minister of Economy mentioned that the Ministry of Economy will be putting together a council consisting of international advisors, national figures, economic policymakers and expert advisors.

The key responsibilities of the council will be to help create new models for partnerships in regional and international scale, to conduct research and studies, to provide valuable advice to key decision makers, and to help formulate ideas and proposals.

With coordination between academic institutions and research centers, this council would help generate innovative ideas and reliable advice, which would come as welcome wisdom for external partners.

The council is expected to have a composition of 15 leaders and influencers, who would provide diverse and deep advice on key matters of economy, trade and business.

The first meeting was held recently, with the focus being laid on the Covid economic crisis and the ways of countering the challenges. The key take-out of the conference was the global paradigm shift in economic aspects and the way by which economies have been responding to the crisis.


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