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31 August, 2020

UAE is World #1 in e-Infrastructure

The UAE is ranked #1 in e-infrastructure globally, according to the findings of Digital Quality of Life (DQL) study.

The DQL annual ranking provides an indexed ranking system of all countries in the world, taking multiple parameters into consideration such as digital quality of life, internet quality, electronic infrastructure, e-Government, e-Security and internet affordability. This year, the study covered nearly 81% of the world’s population. The study was conducted in 85 countries.

While UAE secured the #1 rank when it came to the digital infrastructure, it was ranked #31 overall. The internet quality took stability and speed into consideration and gave the UAE a #13 rank on the parameter. The e-initiatives and AI readiness of the UAE Government meant it received a #19 on e-Government parameter. Digital quality of life ranked UAE at #31 while internet affordability put it at #39 spot. The least performing parameter for UAE was e-Security where it secured a #64 rank, lower than global average, mostly due to low ranking on the pillar of data protection laws.

Clearly, the UAE is the leader in rankings secured by Middle East nations, with Kuwait securing overall #43 and Bahrain placed at #61. Overall the top 5 positions globally are held by Denmark, Sweden, France, Canada and Norway.


Source : Khaleej times

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