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29 August, 2021

UAE Hospitality Industry to be revitalized by Expo 2020

The UAE hospitality sector, facing challenges due to the global pandemic, is expected to receive a strong boost with Expo 2020, according to industry experts.


Hospitality experts from around the UAE have expressed positive outlook over the upcoming Expo 2020 event.


The Expo 2020 has been widely commended by the hospitality experts for its promise in bringing ground-breaking technologies, innovative architecture, and over 60 live shows each day to Dubai. This is expected to drive the UAE as a natural residence option for a huge number of visitors during the event.


This attraction, in combination with the recovery of many international markets and the enormous amount of pent-up demand for travel after a year of social distancing, has found many experts optimistic that Expo 2020 Dubai will generate many opportunities for the hospitality sector in the UAE.


With such a large expected turnout in the last quarter, hospitality players have already been preparing by expanding their potential capacity which will definitely help to satisfy the demand.


UAE hospitality industry is fully equipped to deal with the mass potential visitors as the event is spread over six months, thus allowing for a spreading of visitors over a larger period of time. In order to provide a hospitable experience, players in the hospitality industry will have to make certain adjustments to satisfy the needs of the incoming visitor market linked to transport, accessibility and naturally, the context of Covid-19. Especially given the fear of travelling in the current climate, we all need to place emphasis on operating in a way that keeps cases low.


The UAE hospitality industry has also pivoted to meet customer demands regarding safety and hygiene, while striving to manage operating costs. This has been accomplished using a variety of technological solutions, including online check-in, robotic process automation and chatbots.


UAE has fared better than many countries in 2020, in spite of the effect of the global pandemic. According to KPMG, UAE had the world’s 2nd best occupancy rate at 54.7%, which is behind only China for the same period.


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Source: Khaleej Times

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