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1 November, 2020

UAE & Bahrain Top Ranked GCC Nations for Human Capital

The World Bank Report for 2020 has ranked UAE as the first in the region with respect to investment in human capital.

The Human Capital Index 2020 takes into account 98% of the world’s population, and gauges the productivity in key sectors such as healthcare and education. The focus is placed on the key skills, health and knowledge that are required by the 18th birthday, for a child who is born today.

In the rankings, UAE secured an improved score of 0.67 as compared to its previous year standing of 0.62. Coming closely second in the region is Bahrain, with 0.65, up by almost 8% from its last score of 0.60. Oman at 0.61 and Saudi Arabia at 0.58 round up the top 4 regional players in the global rankings.

At a global level, these same scores translate into a global rank of #44 for UAE, and #46 for Bahrain. Oman comes at #64 while Saudi Arabia is at #84. The top ranks globally are taken by Singapore, Japan and Korea.

Within the region, Bahrain’s performance was strongly driven by its performance in the field of education, especially in improved education performance of girls over boys. Bahrain also ranked among the top 5 countries globally on this parameter.


Source: gulfbusiness

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