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31 March, 2021

UAE Approves remote work visa and 5-year tourist visas

The UAE Government approved the remote work visa and 5-year multiple entry tourist visa for all nationalities.

Travel and tourism is a key sector contributing to the UAE economy. The total contribution of the travel and tourism sector to the UAE’s GDP was AED 159.1 billion (USD 43.3 billion) which is 12.1% of GDP. It is forecasted to rise by 4.9% per annum to AED 264.5 billion (USD 72 billion) which would be 12.4% GDP in 2027.

The UAE Government in January 2021 formed the Emirates Tourism Council, with an aim to strengthen the tourism economic activity and portfolio. One of the key decisions taken by the council was the legislative change that approved two new visa categories for people of all nationalities.

One category is the remote work visa. Until now, the UAE Government has approved residence in UAE for Expats under the categories of business owner/partner, employment, dependent, and property owner or investor. The employment visa is issued only if the person is employed by a country within the UAE.

The new 1-year remote work visa has been welcomed as a path breaking regulation in the wake of post-covid new normal work situations. This visa would support foreign nationals to self-sponsor and work out of the UAE, and in line with terms and conditions of the visa.

The second visa category is the multiple entry tourist visa. Up until now, tourist visas are available for all nationalities under the categories of short term and long term visas, with single entry only. The new category now allows tourist visa to be for a duration of 5 years, with continuous stay not to exceed 90 days (which can be extended by another 90 days).

The two new visa categories are expected to provide tremendous boost to the tourism and residence sector.

Source : Gulfnews

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