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29 June, 2020

UAE Among World’s Most Trusted Governments

Public trust in the UAE Government stands strong, much more than the trust on NGOs, businesses or the media, according to Edelman Intelligence.


The Edelman UAE Barometer measured responses from 34,000 respondents across 28 markets and concluded that the trust in UAE Government remains high. Out of 4 major institutions, the Government was ranked first, ahead of other institutions such as NGOs, media or businesses.


Over 55% of the respondents believed that UAE serves interests of everyone equally and fairly. The UAE Government also drew praise for its regulation mechanisms, infrastructure, safety, global cooperation, competence and ethics. Critical factors such as these were important in driving overall trust on the Government.


The findings reinforce the conclusions drawn from an earlier survey by Edelman Intelligence in January, conducted among its residents and citizens. In that survey, over UAE received over 80 points each for its local Government and Federal Government.


The barometer report also gave a wake-up call to the media and societal leaders. The respondents felt that leaders must take an inclination and drive towards change, instead of waiting for the Government to impose it. On media, the respondents felt that when compared to the Government, the media was relatively more biased, trying to serve the interests of some and not all segments of the society.


The report has reinforced the faith that people have in the Government.

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