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30 November, 2019

The Corporate Group Roadshow in UK

Ayman Alawadhi, TCG Group Managing Director, was in the UK in the last week of October 2019.

Following Brexit, the economic and trade interests of UK and UAE have increased substantially, with many questions arising in the minds of native and foreign investors. In this context, the roadshow was conducted to present UAE as an FDI destination, and also showcase CBS capabilities in establishing business in the UAE.

The roadshow kicked off with a series of business meetings at the London Chamber of Commerce. Ayman Al Awadhi was ably supported by Ali Hassan, DIFC Senior Representative in Europe and North America. The business meetings were conducted on a one-to-one basis and helped the delegates understand about investing in the UAE, and the available routes to make use of the opportunities that the market presents.

This was followed by a roundtable gathering at Asia House, organized in partnership with DIFC. Through the format of discussions and Q&A, the roundtable helped the companies understand about investing in UAE, the sectors on focus, Government regulations, and other related aspects. Ayman Al Awadhi and Ali Hassan answered the questions patiently, providing clarifications to the attendees.

The next pit-stop was at the largest chamber in Scotland – the Aberdeen & Grampian Chamber of Commerce. With a specific focus on the Oil & Gas sector, this session was attended by 15 companies in the sector. Following a presentation by Ayman Alawadhi on how to establish a business in the UAE, the companies discussed their projects and future plans at the post-event networking.

A quick visit was also conducted by Ayman Al Al Awadhi to meet Chris Craggs, the founder & CEO of McFarlane Telfer Ltd (HQ in Maidenhead, UK). The company is focused on the maintenance and procurement of commercial kitchen equipment covering UK mainland with global expansion in UAE and KSA. Mcfarlane Telfer is a valued client of TCG in the Middle East.

Apart from these events, the roadshow also saw TCG attend many one-to-one meetings with clients, business partners and key delegates.

TCG strongly believes that the roadshow will yield productive business returns in the near future.

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