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29 June, 2020

The Corporate Group attempts to attract UK FDI through Webinars

In alignment with the Government vision and the robust economic recovery plan, the Corporate Group laid emphasis on attempting to attract FDI from UK through the mechanism of webinars.


Bilateral trade between the UAE-UK stands at GBP 17.5Bn as of the last estimate in 2017. Over 5,000 British companies are established in the UAE and over 100,000 UK nationals are residents of UAE.


The Hounslow Chamber of East London, and the Department of International Trade (DIT) in UK worked together with the Corporate Group with a common goal of attracting UK businesses and entrepreneurs. While UK businesses would approach the chamber or the DIT in UK for queries on expanding into the UAE, the Corporate Group would give the much needed local UAE expertise, credibility and reinforce trust in the minds of the businessmen to smoothly expand and grow into the UAE.


With this goal in mind, the Corporate Group successfully conducted a webinar session on 16th June 2020 under the topic of “Trading with the UAE”, targeted at UK businessmen and entrepreneurs. The webinar started off with Alan Rides of the Hounslow Chamber and Steve Rapley of DIT-UK raising the curtains to global expansion for businesses, and the importance of fighting the global pandemic.


Ayman Al Awadhi, GMD of the Corporate Group then took the attendees through an informative session on how businesses can enter the UAE, what would be the right jurisdiction and legal structure, and why conducting business in UAE is not all that difficult. Following this, Mohammad Taiyyab Sajid, Business Development Director of the Corporate Group then educated the attendees on why the UAE is a preferred destination for global businesses, how the UAE has improved its performance on key indicators and why expanding into the UAE would do well for companies.


Manny Goncalves of Manny’s sauces then provided a testimonial on the services of the Corporate Group, since Manny’s sauces are distributed within the UAE by Corporate Trade House, a subsidiary of the Corporate Group.


The attendees were deeply engaged in the session and posed interesting questions which were answered by the expert speakers.


The session is expected to be the first in a series of webinars by the Corporate Group, to target businessmen from across the world.

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