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1 September, 2019

TCG to Expand Presence in Latin America

TCG announced their newly formed strategic partnership with CS Partners- a prospering ‎business boutique in Brazil, to span territories across South America, towards the understanding of ‎the new continent’s business experience, and expand the TCG footprint worldwide.‎

CS Partners is a business boutique co-founded after a long-standing relationship of 2 friends: Luís ‎Antonio Scaglianti and Oestes Marques Costa junior, who decided to join their extensive and ‎multiple professional experiences to aid small and medium-sized entrepreneurs make projects ‎viable in various economic segments.‎
Having developed a unique network of national and international partners, with emphasis on ‎Dubai, Spain and Portugal, to present tailor-made, competitive and high level solution to the ‎demands of their clients, CS Partners is in perpetuation seeking strategic success to make ‎business opportunities viable in different and challenging macroeconomic scenarios for ‎entrepreneurs, throughout assisting companies in financial / operational restructuring ‎processes, composition of business plans and valuation with a C-level vision, consulting on M&A ‎processes, and the acceleration and internationalization of innovation projects.‎

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