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3 August, 2022

Ministry of Health Modifies Smart Licensing Process

There has been a recent modification to the smart licensing process, as per the Ministry of Health & Prevention (MoHAP).

Currently, the system of licensing is properly organized, a lot of health professionals who meet the desired specifics typically acquire their license in one working day. Until the conclusion of the first quarter of 2022, 28,195 health practitioners will have purchased permission, according to the data provided by the UAE’s Ministry of wellness and prevention.

The wellbeing service has explained that applications are submitted utilizing the record of the authorized office they work for, on the service entryway for nursing and clinical experts. This is because there is a quick growing range of authorized well-being professionals that mirrors service progress in permitting and overseeing administrations for health locations.

The growing number of licensed health practitioners reflects the ministry’s success in improving the level and quality of licensing services, providing regulatory services for the health sector and enhancing the electronic licensing service connectivity among relevant authorities.

Abeer Adel, Director of Licensing and Accreditation Department (MoHAP) stressed that the ministry harnesses all its resources to develop an integrated system to better serve healthcare providers and professionals and implement its strategy aiming to improve health sector governance, provide distinguished regulatory and monitoring services for the health sector, and deliver the best smart electronic services.

“We have likewise been anxious to connect profoundly capable specialist and professionals to expand the strength of the wellbeing area and satisfy the developing need for medical care administrations”, she said.

Abeer further added that the division was as of now attempting to rebuild electronic and digital administrations in accordance with its 2022-23 plan to expand the successful commitment of electronic and smart systems.

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Source: Gulfnews

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