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26 December, 2019

Ministry of Economy Announces SME Plan for 2020

The Ministry of Economy, under its National Programme for Small and Medium Enterprises, has recently announced a spate of measures to provide a boost for the strategic SME sector in UAE.

The NPSME programme falls under the executive arm of the UAE SME Council. The programme encompasses a wide spectrum of activities such as training courses and establishing links with global networks.

Along with the NPSME programme, the Ministry of Economy also provided many activities that would boost the sector. These include participation in leading exhibitions and events, hosting of the SME Forum and driving innovation at regional and global levels.

The Ministry also expressed the plan to conduct the SME Forum 2020 along the sidelines of the Annual Investment Meeting, thereby providing a key platform for SMEs to connect with global investors looking for commercial opportunities. This is also expected to boost FDI into the UAE economy.

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