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30 January, 2021

Legacy Plan Realigned for Expo 2020

Modification of expo 2020 plan after the coronavirus delay in Dubai

The Expo which Dubai has been getting ready for 10 years, is intended to be probably the greatest occasion around the world this year and produce billions of dollars for the government. Due to the resumption of the virus, the plan has been deeply affected.

Dubai hosts one of the fastest vaccination programs in the world and hopes that the rapid testing technology will help in achieving its goal of conducting the Dubai Expo 2020 event this year.

The Dubai government believes that the Expo 2020, a six-month event, is expected to be conducted on October 1 as the government is confident about the success of inoculation programs and expects that 25 million people may visit to attend this event.

Expo 2020 director general Reem Al Hashimi stated that “it’s simply not practical to change the target number just because the factors are superfluid”.

After Israel, the UAE has the second-highest rates of inoculations per 100 people worldwide, and the Dubai, a part of UAE, has managed nearly a 1.8million vaccine doses.

Dubai is likewise returning to Expo 2020’s heritage as a business and private space. The pandemic has disturbed a property droop in the emirate, the Middle East’s business center, where abundance supply and financial vulnerability have pushed down costs for quite a long time.

Sustainability Pavilion- Expo 2020’s Terra

The Sustainability Pavilion from January 22nd until April 10th will be the main teaser to the major event in October.

Al Hashimi mentioned that the future of the site will be technologically fast, as this is a 5G site.

Opening of a sustainability pavilion to the public on January 22nd until April 10th will be a teaser for the domestic audience and the international one about the idea of Dubai’s sustainability.


Source: arabianbusiness

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