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1 September, 2019

Italian Business Mission to UAE

On the margin of the Dubai Investment Week- the iconic gathering that strengthens partnership with local and international investors, which will be held from 29 September – 3 October 2019, at THE CITY OF THE FUTURE Dubai, The Corporate Group (TCG) is hosting a must-attend event in the industry “A mission to Dubai”. The event will support the internationalization of companies in Campania identifying the Order of Chartered Accountants and Accounting Experts of ‎Napoli Nord, as a technical partner‎.

Chartered Accountants; company & customers; are welcomed to participate to this mission that will be divided into series of institutional meetings, ‎accompanied by sessions of ‎business to business meetings spotlighting on increasing chartered accountants’ skills, the strength of the Campania companies and the opportunities for their involvement in the Emirate’s development plans, establishing collaborative relationships between Campania’s and Emirati partners, and mostly promoting Foreign Direct Investment.

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