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29 November, 2020

How Innovation and Technology is Shaping Smart Offices in the Region

Technology elements such as video conferencing and productivity tools provide the much needed differentiation factor in smart offices for today’s businesses in UAE.

Over 104.5 Million Sq.Ft of office space in Dubai is being utilized by different companies for their business requirements. Naturally, the commercial leasing (serviced office) sector is a very critical business sector, partly due to the Government mandate that every trade license must necessarily be registered under an office space.

Apart from classic factors such as location and price, the implementation of technology and innovation has emerged as the key differentiator between competitors. Utilizing cloud video conferencing solutions such as GoToMeeting or Microsoft Teams is one such factor.

Another factor that leads to a “smart office” being selected over a classical office space is the implementation of productivity tools such as intelligent whiteboards for meetings.

In addition, some other applications such as screen-sharing, smart meeting room booking systems and access entry systems have led to smart offices being preferred over traditional offices.


Source: Gulf Business

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