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11 April, 2022

Expo 2020 Draws to a Close

The Dubai Chamber of Commerce recently released the highlights from the massive Expo 2020 event – and the results are positive.


As many as 76.5 % companies in Dubai saw the Expo 2020 boost business growth, and 73.5 % entered into new partnerships, a report by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce said on Sunday.


According to the report titled ‘Business Integration for Growth, Digital Transformation and Global Partnerships’, 70.6 % of respondents leveraged the networking and business services provided by Dubai Chamber during the Expo.


Meanwhile, 47 % respondents reported having benefited from the Global Business Forums series, and another 47 % said they benefited from bilateral business meetings arranged at Expo 2020.


New agreements


Dubai Chamber of Commerce facilitated 1,500 bilateral business meetings between UAE investors and their global counterparts, and received 1,746 visiting delegations from over 60 countries during the event, which were joined by 3,350 government and business leaders.


In addition, the Chamber signed 13 memoranda of understanding (MoUs) with public and private sector stakeholders representing other markets with the aim of providing Chamber members access to new growth opportunities.


Seven new economic and professional bodies were licensed by the Dubai Association Centre, which was established in collaboration with the Dubai Chamber of Commerce (one of the three chambers under Dubai Chambers alongside Dubai International Chamber and Dubai Chamber of Digital Economy), the Dubai Economy and Tourism and Dubai World Trade Centre.


The Dubai Chamber of Commerce organized 98 events during the Expo, which were attended by 25,000 participants from 130 countries.


The Corporate Group


The Corporate Group was a strategic partner with some of the country’s pavilions. Apart from generating business for service delivery, TCG management was also present in key networking events and speaking opportunities.


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