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2 June, 2022

Dubai Tops Global Air Connectivity Index

Dubai has topped a global index for air connectivity and has ranked among the top three destinations in the world for digital nomads, according to recent research revealed by Savills as part of its Impacts 2022 programme.


Dubai, which extends its reach to more than 100 countries with more than 240 destinations, topped the Savills index for air connectivity and ranked third on the Savills Executive Nomad Index, which ranks 15 destinations based on the favorable environment they create for long-term remote workers.


All the countries on Savills Executive Nomad Index either have a digital nomad visa programme, or equivalent, or in the case of the US and European countries, are already part of a large economic bloc that allows free movement of people for living or work.


They offer favorable climates year-round, high quality of life, and have established-prime residential markets.


“The modern executive nomad – a distant cousin of the freelance creative working from a cafe in Bali or Costa Rica – owns a villa in the Algarve or a condo in Miami, attends Zoom calls from an airy home office, and hops on a flight back to London, New York, or Geneva for the quarterly board meeting,” says Paul Tostevin (below), the head of Savills World Research.


“Provided travel connections are good and high-speed internet is reliable, individuals and families are motivated to relocate and are placing a greater emphasis on health, wellness and overall lifestyle.”


UK nationals have long favoured Dubai for holiday and work, but the market also benefited from new demand from French, German, Swedish and Swiss buyers and long-term remote workers.


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