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30 June, 2022

Dubai Among World’s Most Livable Cities

Constant improvements to the UAE’s regulations are boosting business, cultural and social spheres, and cementing Dubai’s position as an attractive destination for people from around the world, says Ahmed Al Suwaidi, managing director of Residential Communities at Dubai Asset Management. 

He explained that the UAE leadership’s readiness to evolve with the changing times and markets, paired with a series of economic strategies, have enhanced Dubai’s already rising reputation as a city known for its high-quality lifestyles. 

“We ranked in the top three best cities to live and work in the InterNations Expat City Ranking 2021, scoring higher than major cities such as Sydney, Prague, and Madrid,” said Al Suwaidi. “Dubai’s appeal is only rising – the Dubai Statistics Centre’s live population counter has passed the 3.5 million mark with our population rising since the end of 2020 by almost 100,000 new arrivals. The reasons to relocate here are aplenty – it is the reasons to stay that prove most important in preserving.” 

He also described Dubai’s quality of healthcare as “outstanding” and which continues to improve under the directives of government-led initiatives and growing private healthcare providers. “We are home to world-class primary and higher education institutions, including some of the world’s most credible universities. Dubai’s economy is strong and remained resilient despite the challenges of recent years, demonstrating strong economic growth and widespread job opportunities across a variety of key sectors stimulated by the push for economic diversification.” 

Dubai’s location within the Mena region and its centrality between the East and the West make it ideal for expats who make frequent trips back home, Al Suwaidi noted. Travel and tourism are already strong sectors, giving residents access to a variety of airlines and flight routes to virtually any place on Earth. “We boast some of the most advanced infrastructure for civic facilities, telecommunications, post services and transport, which under Vision 2021, were prioritized to support economic development and human well-being, with a focus on affordable and equitable access for all.” 


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