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29 November, 2020

Dubai all set to be new Global Business Hub

Recent reports indicate a positive trend for Dubai to emerge as a global business hub in future.

On the eve of UN World Cities Day, multiple reports were released which cemented the position of Dubai as a destination city for residences and business alike. Dubai was rated among the Top 10 Best Cities to Live, thereby rendering it as a strong and insular city which capitalizes on opportunities and responds quickly to it.

JLL Real Estate Consultancy emphasized that Dubai is a strongly coordinated and clearly responsible city with very tight Governance arrangements. The implication is felt in its ability to respond to opportunities and challenges.

On the economic front, HSBC Bank quoted a recent report conducted by McKinsey for utilities, mobility, healthcare, security and economic development. HSBC Bank added that Dubai obtained comparable scores to cities such as Seoul, New York and London.

Resonance Consultancy ranked Dubai as sixth in the world, out of 100 cities in its annual World’s Best Cities Report. With this ranking, Dubai surged ahead of Singapore, Barcelona, Los Angeles and Madrid.

The above reports only boosted the collective image and perception of Dubai – that of a city capable of overcoming challenges and capitalizing on opportunities.


Source: Zawya

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