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8 March, 2022

Dubai 2nd on BCG’s ‘City of Choice’ Global Survey

Dubai has secured a spot in the Top 5 megacities of the world, according to BCG.

According to the Cities of Choice global survey by American multinational management consulting firm Boston Consulting Group, Dubai City is ranked as one of the top five ‘megacities’ of the world for the 2019/20 fiscal year.

Based on their rankings against global peers across key dimensions, BCG evaluated how successful these cities have been at maintaining and improving population happiness. Rankings were determined by considering key factors such as quality of life, economic opportunities, social capital, speed of change, and relationships with authorities.

“The importance of such actions has been recognized in Dubai, and subsequent proactive efforts have delivered valuable impacts. These include the series of forward-facing initiatives launched in response to the pandemic, many of which have succeeded in enhancing both quality of life and the local business climate,” BCG added.

The Cities of Choice global ranking and report will be released in the coming months and includes information on 70 global cities.

Two key factors contributed to Dubai’s ranking. The first is the financial opportunities, which include quality of life and platforms for professional development. Dubai placed 2nd overall with a score of 72, just behind New York.

The second relates to the Emirate’s connection with the authorities, where it ranked 3rd among megacities, exhibiting an honest and reliable dialogue with centrally controlled authorities that was widely appreciated.

The overall score for Dubai is 55 out of 100. It is largely credited to Dubai’s commitment to residents’ well-being and satisfaction, as well as its ability to accommodate them.

As expectations evolve in the face of improving societal advancement opportunities, resident satisfaction is more susceptible to changes than ever before BCG said. This will be important if the city’s happiness is to be further enhanced in the weeks and months ahead.”

Dubai has long been recognized for its propensity for innovation.


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