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29 December, 2020

Abu Dhabi in Top 10 Cities for Expats

Abu Dhabi and Dubai secured spots within the Top 20 best cities for expat, as per a study conducted by InterNations.

InterNations, a community for Expats, recently announced the Top cities for Expats, according to a ranking system developed on multiple factors. The results revealed that Abu Dhabi comes in at #10 while Dubai is at #20. The rank puts both the cities ahead of other global cities such as Brussels, New York, Frankfurt, Zurich, Geneva, London and others.

The rankings also included Muscat at #14, Doha (#15), Riyadh (#42), Cairo (#47) and Jeddah at #52.

A detailed analysis of the performance of Abu Dhabi reveals good performance on the indices of Getting Settled (#17) and Finance & Housing (#23). As compared to 55% expats globally, nearly 77% of Abu Dhabi expats opine that it is easy to find housing. Nearly 63% of Abu Dhabi expats are satisfied with their financial situation, in line with the global average of 61%.

Abu Dhabi receives just about average rankings on the indices of quality of urban living (#33) and urban work life (#36). The top performance was boosted by Abu Dhabi standings on the easy availability of healthcare (#10) and the high degree of personal safety (#6).

In comparison, Dubai performs better than the global average on social life (69% vs 59%) and also on the ease of making friends (61% vs 47%). The affordability of healthcare is the only major hassle faced by Expats, but on all major parameters Dubai scores strongly.

The rankings reinforce Abu Dhabi and Dubai as a safe and sustainable destination for Expats.


Source: albawaba

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