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30 May, 2021

95% Expats Feel Safe in UAE

In a recent study by the Expat Insider 2021, over 95% of Expats have opined that they feel safe in the UAE.


The UAE has secured the global rank of #18 out of 59 countries in a large scale study conducted by Expat Insider. The survey report by InterNations says that almost all expats (95%) feel safe in the UAE, significantly higher than the global average of 84%.


In addition, 92% find the destination peaceful, as compared to 80% global average, and 89% rate the political stability positively in comparison to 64% globally. The survey covered over 12,000 respondents from 59 countries.


The survey has reinforced UAE as a safe and peaceful place compared to many other countries around the world.


In the Quality of Life Index, the UAE ranks 17th with especially good results in the Safety & Security subcategory (3rd), where only Finland (1st) and Singapore (2nd) do even better, according to the Expat Insider 2021.


Other reports also rank UAE positively on safety, such as the Numbeo Crime Index. The index specifically compliments UAE as the only country to have 3 cities – Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah – within the Top 10 safest cities on the planet. The 2020 global law and order report by Gallup ranks UAE within the Top 10 for security and personal safety.


The UAE also ranks among the top 10 in the Travel & Transport subcategory, coming in at Rank #7. When compared to global average of 76%, UAE has nearly 95% of expats satisfied with transport infrastructure.  Travel experience has also been positively rated by 90% of expats in UAE, as compared to 84% globally.


The UAE also performs well in the Ease of Settling Index (17th), placing 4th in the Language subcategory, just behind Malaysia (1st), Singapore (2nd), and Kenya (3rd). In fact, 93 % of expats think it is easy to live there without speaking the local language (vs. 54 % globally), placing the UAE first for this factor. Moreover, 67 % of expats feel at home in the local culture (vs. 63 % globally), and 69 % describe it as easy to get used to (vs. 65 % globally), said the report.


In short, UAE is a wonderful place to reside. Do reach out to us for a consultancy on how to obtain residence in UAE.


Source: khaleejtimes

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