The Corporate Group (TCG) is organizing a webinar on Cybersecurity: An introduction to the essence of protecting your data and business by Gregory Carpenter and Adam Roosevelt.

This webinar is centered on providing an introduction to cybersecurity, and how to address threats, vulnerabilities and risks in business. The webinar will also provide broad insights into how this can lead to improvements that can affect long term business performance.


Our speakers short profile

Dr. Gregory Carpenter is Chief Security Officer of Knowledge Bridge International. He directs many aspects of information technology, information security, and data analytics solutions to a broad customer base, including defence, government, space, intelligence, and security customers worldwide. Dr. Carpenter leads KBI’s efforts to provide services and solutions to the United Nations Office on drugs and crime. Dr. Carpenter has previously worked as the Counter-Intelligence Division Chief for the Army Research Labs and was Chief of Special Space Operations at the National Security Agency.


Adam Roosevelt is a former U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) official with proven experience working for large and small companies supporting DHS, DoD, & commercial organizations. Adam has directed programs of large volume and across complexity across Europe, the Americas, Africa and the Middle East. He has spearheaded delivery of the first commercial cloud enterprise service at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Adam is currently the Executive Director of Corporate Consultancy & Development, a subsidiary of The Corporate Group.

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