MENA region draws an increase in tourists this summer season

GCC is playing a worthy role in reviving tourism to pre-pandemic levels


Based on  Arabian Travel Market (ATM) in Dubai, ForwardKeys, a top travel analytics company, has reported a 36% surge in foreign tourist arrivals to the MENA region during June to August of this year compared to the same period in 2022.

The tourism sector in the MENA region is expected to maintain its robust growth in the upcoming summer. This can be attributed to the significant rise in travel intent, with a 39% increase in flight searches for international trips to MENA during the first quarter of the year compared to last year. Additionally, the improved flight connectivity has contributed to this growth, with a 19% increase in available seats for international travel to MENA destinations compared to 2019 levels.

This summer, nature reserves are the preferred destination for MENA travelers.

According to recent data, Saudi Arabia has become the top destination for travel from the MENA region this summer, with a significant increase of 79% compared to pre-pandemic times. The Saudi government has made significant investments in improving its tourism infrastructure and services, which has resulted in a positive impact, especially in regional markets.

The travel industry also benefited from religious events in the region.

The government’s decision in January to remove the limit on the number of pilgrims attending the Hajj in 2023 has been a significant milestone in boosting tourist arrivals.

Austria secures the third position as a more favorable option for those seeking a cooler place from the blazing climate prevalent in the Middle East.

Based on the above information, the MENA region will prove that it is one of the top tourist destinations this summer!


Source: Forwardkeys

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