Smart Buildings
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Smart Buildings

ICBS also extends expertise into managing technology-enabled facilities and buildings. Smart buildings are the order of the day, and we can help create tremendous value, and aid in significant savings for your organization.

ICBS consulting can deliver the following benefits for your smart buildings

• Optimal resource usage for your buildings
• Increase the levels of comfort
• Improved space utilization
• Increased interaction and assistance
• Enhanced levels of insights
• Real-time access to dashboards

Through these benefits, you can achieve significantly lower investments and higher ROI for your business

Access to comprehensive data
When the data capture is extensive, the insights are also very profound. ICBS helps deliver actionable insights by harnessing the data provided by the sensors. Now with a single view, you can easily track and monitor the temperature, humidity, and air quality.


Our consulting on smart buildings provides technology through
• Internet of Things (IoT)
• Sensors
• AI & Analytics
• A mobile app to better manage buildings on various parameters.

The parameters on which you can track your smart buildings include (but are not limited to)
• Capacity utilization
• User experience (tenants and owners)
• Operation management (facilities and maintenance management)
• Cost management
• Higher environment and health quality

With more features such as assistance to facilities and maintenance staff, mobile personal staff and smart display, ICBS can help deliver effective smart building solutions for your business.

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