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The term smart warehouse refers to a smart and technology-enabled warehouse. These smart warehouses rely on optimal human intervention or involvement. The implementation of intelligence, automation, agility, holistic perspective and responsive systems – together make a smart warehouse one of the desirable and disruptive assets in the field of supply chain and logistics.

To put it simply, a smart warehouse is a perfect collaborative synergy between man and machine.

Why should my smart warehouse be an automated one?
• There is a lower risk of any injury in a smart warehouse
• Your overheads significantly reduce
• You can assess your workforce requirement in an accurate way
• Through your smart warehouse, you would be able to keep pace in an effective way with your demand.
• You can handle the requirements for manufacture and production.
• It is possible to reach high levels of productivity if you implement a smart warehouse
• Your employees receive the much-needed flexibility and support
• Efficiency improves with reduced error levels

What technologies should I consider for my smart warehouse?

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

WMS provides you with benefits such as
• Accurate data capture
• Complete control and view of your supply chain at all time
• Demand forecasting
• Warehouse process more integrated and streamlined
• Layout optimization
• Optimal resource allocation

Internet of Things (IoT)
Your smart warehouse can be installed with various types of sensors that performs a live and continuous feed of different required metrics like temperature, humidity, inventory movement and location, and many others.

This will help your organization gaining tighter and more accurate control, along with impactful insights through live data capture.

Warehouse Security and Safety can be highly optimized and achieved through continuous and accurate data capturing where sensors can track personnel, vehicles, shipping carts and even products themselves.

Warehouse Inventory Control
Minimize the usage of pen-and-paper in your smart warehouse. Implement asset tags and inventory tags, thereby helping you automate regular processes such as inventory counting, weighing, and reporting. This would also include technology such as RFID-based solutions.

Automation in Picking Tools
ICBS helps in guiding you with the right picking tools such as ASRS (automated storage and retrieval systems). The success in adopting the right picking tools for your smart warehouse is achieved by the reduction in error and the “almost-perfect” rates of picking.

Guided Vehicles
In your smart warehouse, ICBS can help implement smart guided vehicles, including automated pick machines, fork lifts and other such equipment. We can help chart out a digital path for easy and effective material handling and retrieval.

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