IT Infrastructure

IT Infrastructure in UAE

The Corporate Group prides itself as an organization that implements technology and innovation to help businesses achieve excellence. We consider technology to be a key driver of business transformation and view it as a way to help companies.

Our portfolio of service solutions also include IT Solutions which we deliver in our capacity either as an IT service provider, or as an IT Consultant. Whether it be on-premise or off-premise IT services requirements, we provide the right value through IT transformation or support services for your business.

All the IT solutions provided by The Corporate Group have one objective – to harness your business productivity and efficiency to improve business performance. This adds the much-required value to your business and allows you to focus more time on servicing your clients.

IT Services and Solutions

The Corporate Group provides a wide array of services along the value chain, to meet the IT services and innovation needs of businesses.

• IT Infrastructure Setup
• IT Services Support
• IT AMC support
• Telephony and Biometric Systems
• CCTV & access systems
• Network and Security Solutions
• Web Solutions

IT Infrastructure

Part of the IT strategy is to implement a highly ready IT infrastructure and IT services framework that remains scalable for the ever-changing needs of the business.

Our IT solutions and strategies help you identify the perfect mix of all components for your business, such as capacity, requirements, availability, IT personnel, security grades, scale, budget and others. Based on our analysis, we will recommend the right IT infrastructure service for your business along with alternatives at both ends of the spectrum.

IT AMC Support

Our team of experts in hardware and networking, ensure that at all times your IT services requirements are constantly met, with very minimal downtime. We put your business continuity and scalability at the epicenter of our IT services delivery. Through an AMC, we forge a strong relationship of value creation, whereby we provide IT support services through a dedicated contract. This keeps our resources constantly blocked for your emerging IT service requirements while giving you the freedom to focus on more critical aspects of your business.

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