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Unmanned aerial vehicles or “Drones” have increasingly found their application in a wide array of realms such as agriculture, aerial photography, product delivery, surveillance and many others. ICBS provides you with the right consulting expertise for maximizing the efficiency and opportunities arising out of drone technology.

Salient features of ICBS consulting services:-

• Data Capture
The data captured by drones is quite rich and extensive, so the analysis, incorporation and consumption of this data requires critical inputs from experts. We help you obtain the right solutions for data management and service for drone-captured data, whether captured on the ground or in the air.

• Field Operations
The digitization of field operations, in conjunction with infrastructure optimization, gives you the perfect blend to master complex data captured by the drones

• Holistic Integration
Our holistic services in data management provide a smooth implementation both for data capture as well as for the drones itself. Our expertise includes change management, implementation planning, advanced analytics & AI, and integration into your existing systems and workflows.

Our services:

Drone Inspection
Our drone inspection services combine visual inspection, contact NDT, thermal inspection, and photogrammetry.

Visual Inspection:
Under visual drone inspection, we factor in programmable or manual flight operations in order to make the inspections accurate and repeatable. Moreover, our high-resolution camera payloads ensure that difficult, inaccessible areas can be inspected in a smooth, efficient, and effective manner.

Non-Destructive Testing:
We use a modular robotic arm in a tethered drone, to take ultrasonic thickness measurements. These can be achieved with more precision, in real-time, and also easily accessible data.

We get reliable data about drones, through multiple high-resolution images. This helps us simulate 3-D models and point clouds.

ICBS helps provide an efficient way for your surveying methods. Our data capture is comprehensive and expansive, not to forget cost-efficient as well. We leverage our global experience in drone technology.

Salient features:
• Total geo-referencing
• High resolution
• Point clouds
• Orthomosaic images
• LiDAR (Laser Imaging, Detection & Ranging)

• Aerial route and corridor mapping
• Geo-rectified image collection
• 3D modeling, advanced photogrammetry
• Change detection

Other Features
Digital terrain and surface models can be generated using high resolution image capture and LiDAR.
Data capture will be done in challenging conditions whether the asset is buried in the ground or above, or at any height Panoramic tours generated from LiDAR data, positioning data, georeferenced point clouds and image integration

At ICBS, we help provide the consulting and software expertise in the space of drone technology. Do reach out to us by completing the form below:

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