Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

At ICBS, we provide you with Business Intelligence solutions that are perfectly aligned with your needs. Business Intelligence is not only restricted to process or organizational efficiency. In fact, the ICBS BI consulting framework also encompasses

Change Management
Operational efficiency enhancement
Expediting the information access and sharing capability for all parties
Paperless information management
Multi-party access

The ICBS Business Intelligence experts provide you with the ability to incorporate the following:-

Intelligent Capture

Business Intelligence also includes the intelligent capture of data. This involves:

Capability to digitize and manage content from paper documents
Reduce costs at each step in the process chain
Risk reduction and mitigation
Integration into new systems becomes easy
Delivery of digitized content into content management systems

Artificial Intelligence
Our ICBS Business Intelligence capability perfectly blends pattern identification, relationship analysis, trend monitoring, and the interactive yet informative presentation of valuable insights. What’s more interesting is that the reports, alerts and dashboards can be presented on an enterprise-wide platform.


Enhanced ability to visualize data and take decisions
Since dashboards are easy to understand and in alignment with each user role, the self-service capability allows different users to slice, dice and understand the data in the way that suits their decisions. Data integrity and handling are the main factors in this stage and ICBS ensures there is complete consideration and handling of these aspects.

New business opportunities and revenue models
When your business data reveals valuable and insightful trends, you uncover a plethora of opportunities and latent insights that suddenly boost the value for your firm. ICBS Business Intelligence capability does not take any data point for granted and always ensures the intelligence is derived from both live and past data.

To gain more value for your business through ICBS Business Intelligence, do reach out to us for a consultation.

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