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International Corporate Business Services offers dedicated & reliable trade support services to their clients.

Our primary aim lies in executing or enabling the digital transformation of businesses. Whether it is the intelligent and modular integration of processes, flow of data, capture and collection of data for insights, intelligent automation, business transformation or cutting edge technology implementation, ICBS provides you with the required expertise.

Our consultants and business partners are well equipped to manage business process complexity as well as scale for different businesses. Also, the rich experience of our team across different business sectors provides value in our solutions, as our experts can provide bespoke offerings that implement best practices that are relevant to your sector.

IT Infrastructure

IT Infrastructure in UAE The Corporate Group prides itself as an organization that implements technology and innovation to help businesses achieve excellence. We consider technology to […]


Digital Transformation

In order to make a mass wealth in a short time, this is the best opening that many entrepreneurs from across …


Business Intelligence

The joint venture is one of the most common forms of doing business in the UAE as it allows foreign investors…


Smart Buildings
and BIM Solutions

Setting up a company in the UAE and operating a business in the Dubai or any other emirates in the…


Blockchain Solutions

This service is designed to moving up the process of the Local agent contract in the UAE and save a lot of time…


Robotics and Smart
Warehouse Systems

We enter into strategic alliance agreements with companies intending to share resources to undertake a specific…


Drones and Image
Analytics Systems

We are always on the look for new and innovative Startups who we can partner with by offering investment…

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