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29 March, 2020

Global Wind Energy capacity at its highest

The Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) released its market outlook this week, highlighting that the additional energy capacity installed in 2019, with wind source, totaled 60GW.

Global energy sources are increasingly moving into a diversification trend, with sustainable energy, renewable energy and alternative energy sources taking center stage. In the UAE, specific emphasis has been laid on augmenting energy sources across sources, and the need to remain sustainable in future.

Wind energy, one of the key sources for alternative energy, remains at its highest capacity globally, pegged at 651GW. This is an increase of 17% over 2018. The new capacity installations in 2019, totaling 60GW, is 19% higher than new capacity installations done in 2018.

China and USA are the world’s largest onshore wind markets, and account for over 60% of the global capacity. Over the next 5 years, GWEC anticipates that 355GW of capacity will be added.

UAE mostly implements gas-based energy sources and is on the cusp of a large scale transformation in the energy sector.

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