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27 February, 2020

Dubai SME launches Innovation Attraction Programme for Startups

The Dubai SME recently launched their initiative named Innovation Attraction Programme (IAP) targeted at startups and entrepreneurs.

According to the Wamda report, Dubai hosts 35% of the entrepreneurs in the region, making it the regional hub for innovation and entrepreneurship. With over 30 free zones across the country and a globally high ranking on “ease of doing business”, Dubai remains a vital center for enhancing and fostering business innovation.

The Dubai SME, capitalizing on the strengths of Dubai in this context, launched the IAP to achieve the objectives set out in its Dubai SME 2021 plan to enhance entrepreneurship. The IAP is a unique programme launched with a strategic partnership of facilitators and SME enablers from over 15 countries from around the world.

IAP is expected to reach over 25,000 startups globally and is expected to provide the required impetus for businesses looking to enter Dubai by considering it as a new market for their global business and expansion strategy. Moreover, the programme would work in a symbiotic manner, allowing companies based in Dubai to go global, and also attracting globally established businesses to foray into Dubai.

The IAP focuses on disruptive technologies across six sectors – information technology, energy efficiency, medicine & health, education, transport & mobility, and aerospace. Through this, the IAP is expected to provide strong support for sustainable development, industrialization, and innovation.

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