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29 April, 2020

Dubai Instant License fees reduced to AED 250

The Dubai Economy has announced that the fees for an instant license has been reduced significantly from AED 3,000 to AED 250 until further notice.

The instant license process of the Dubai Economy saw 550 licenses established in Q1 2020, which together saw 1,746 different owners across these licenses. Of the business owners, 88% belonged to the nationalities of UK, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, India, Pakistan, China, Sudan and the Philippines. These 550 licenses saw 73% belonging to the commercial category, while 27% were of the professional category.

The reduced fee will also be applicable when the license comes up for renewal after a year. Instant licenses are available under the legal forms of Civil Company, Sole proprietorship, Limited Liability Company and Single Person LLC. Activities that do not require external approvals can be part of instant licenses since the process is quicker of external approvals are not required.

The instant licensing mechanism was launched as one of the strong measures of the Dubai Economy to keep up the high expectations of the business community on the ease of doing business in Dubai. With this process, businesses are allowed to obtain their license and start their business, while procuring all necessary external approvals at a later date, to allow their business operations to commence.

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