Commercial Agent in Dubai

Commercial Agent in UAE

Businesses seeking to make UAE one of their primary markets for their products look for creative avenues to enter the market. One such available method is the appointing of a commercial agent for your products.

As a commercial agent in dubai, the responsibility lies solely in trading (selling or buying) on behalf of the principal business. This would mean that all control is retained by you, while we purely function as a trading representative for your products.

CTH can act as an intermediary and sell or purchase goods on behalf of the principal. We provide a convenient structure enabling manufacturers to trade in the local market.


How different is a commercial agent from a distributor?

As a commercial agent, Corporate Trade House will manage the trading aspect alone, while all control is retained by you.

Will a commercial agent add value to my business?

Definitely, if you choose to retail control over the product and utilize the commercial agent purely for trading and administrative purposes.

How can I avail the services?

Simply fill our enquiry form at the bottom of the page and our business team will come back to you.

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